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The Soul Rose Show

Here is where ancient wisdom meets the modern path of soul evolution. The Sacred Feminine is on the rise…you might say SHE ROSE. Our show marries feminine-themed SPIRITUALITY -the mystical Rose Path- with practical, cutting-edge research & SCIENCE. We get to the heart of things, and we go deep. Bold, & compelling conversations exploring Consciousness & Soul Evolution, Spiritual Awakening, Wholeness, Healing, Mindbody Science, Mothering, Creation, and Feminine Leadership.

Get practical pointers on how to embody your Soul’s Purpose during this pivotal time of human “her-story.” This is YOUR time. Listen in!

Apr 22, 2020

The whole world is on PAUSE. There are a lot of planetary shifts happening – lots of transition within communities, homes and within us individual planet-dwellers.  You were born for this time.  Your birthright is to uplift the collective; to serve and bless humanity in some unique way.  You know this, but how do you REALIZE it?   Further, how could you move it into a business model to create abundance with?  Kami Guildner is the podcast host of the show Extraordinary Women Radio, a Success Coach for Women and author of “Firedancer: Your Spiral Journey to a Life of Passion and Purpose.”

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In this episode:

  • How Nature CONSTANTLY Shows Us Our Next Step
  • The Single Biggest Factor that Holds Entrepreneurs Back
  • How to Elevate Your Voice for Aligned Impact

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Cherie Burton is a mom of 6, author, international speaker, emotional healing expert, business owner and feminine leadership trainer. She specializes in the science and spirituality of emotions and sensory integration; a "whole soul" approach.  Cherie has degrees in psychology and sociology and has worked as a counselor in the fields of mental health and addiction.  She is a former Mrs. Utah and coaches females of all ages in private mentoring programs, retreats and online courses.  Cherie travels internationally, empowering audiences with knowledge and tools to heal their emotions, find their callings, and receive wholeness.


Cherie has recently launched two online courses: The Emotional Wholeness Master Class and The 22 Day Depression Cleanse which can be found HERE.  

She is the author of two e-books, “Where Depression Ends and You Begin: 4 Passages to  Discovery”; and “True and Lasting Change--4 Ways to Break Through Fear.” 

Her Stand Speak Shine programs provide women with retreats and mentoring programs to empower them to heal, express and create.

Her book, If She Could Speak, will be released in 2021.

Meet her at